Digital Revolution

International Conference

Digital Revolution: Data Protection, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Products, Blockchain Technology and Virtual Currencies Challenges for Law in Practice

19–20 April 2018 Villa Braida, Via Bonisiolo 16, Mogliano Veneto, Italy

Scientific Committee

Alberto De Franceschi, Reiner Schulze,

Michele Graziadei, Oreste Pollicino, Federica Riente,

Salvatore Sica and Pietro Sirena



Technological development is having an increasingly significant impact on individuals and enterprises: new business opportunities and smart technologies are widely changing the equilibrium of the established paradigms that form the basis of many legal rules.
This interdisciplinary Conference brings together leading experts from Europe and beyond, addressing the impact of digital technology on the law in light of the latest legislative developments.
The focus is set on: • The Role of Personal and Non-Personal Data; • The Protection of Users’ and Businesses’ Rights in Contracts for the Supply of Digital Contents; • The EU General Data Protection Regulation; • The Increasing Interplay between Data Trade and Data Protection; • Digital Inheritance; • Artificial Intelligence and the Regulation of Algorithms; • Liability for Digital Products; • The Challenges of the Internet of Things, with a Specific Focus on Robotics, Smart Mobility and Self-Driving Vehicles; • 3D Printing; • Online Platforms; and • Blockchain Technology, Smart Contracts, Digital Jurisdictions, Bitcoins and other Virtual Currencies.